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Bor in Hart van Nederland

In het kader van de Nederlandse Vereniging Voor Euthanasie (NVVE) Jongerendag die op zaterdag 25 januari 2014 j.l. is georganiseerd in Utrecht, lichtte Bor zijn standpunt toe in Hart van Nederland. Bekijk hier de late editie van 25 januari.

Bor in the news

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2 wegen, 1 rome

Bor heeft een moeilijke zomer achter de rug. Eenzaamheid, mislukte operaties en vooral pijn overheersten de afgelopen maanden. Dit heeft wel gezorgd voor een dosis inspiratie. Vandaar deze prachtige column. 2 wegen, 1 Rome FB-versie Euthanasie Verklaring Bor Waldemar Anthony Verkroost

Bor to appear at GotGame Conference

For fifteen years now Bor has dedicated himself to 1-UP, his own gaming/multimedia company. One of his ultimate goals: to completely earn his own living! Now he has a chance to present all his knowledge while launching an idea of epic proportions on the GotGame Conference, which will be held on 20-21 august 2012 in… Read more »

Already first success by EBor Foundation

Thanks, in great part, to the EBor foundation, Bor was able to speech this year on the Day of Rare Diseases. Following his performance here, The Rare Diseases Foundation have decided to support DEBRA Netherlands. The EBor Foundation is extremely proud supporting Bor in making this happen!

Pick your own goal!

Soon the EBor website will feature a unique and separate set of goals, allowing to support exactly the cause to your liking or preference. These ambitious goals range from improving Bor’s mobility and promoting awareness concerning EB!

EBor Foundation launched!

The Ebor Foundation has made an official start. By mailing hundreds of contacts and an appearance on national television, august 5th at 22.00 on NED 3 NCRV (dutch television) we have really started our campaign to rock our Borrie’s world! For the complete pressrelease, click here.

Bor in the news

Bor’s euthanasia declaration has led to many reactions: Bor in the Social Club: Bor in NRC Next: