Our foundation

The EBor Foundation is a brand new Foundation that centers around Bor Verkroost. His hopes and dreams, but also his personal difficulties in life trying to coop with a very rare genetical disorder: Epidermolysis Bullosa.

Despite all the setbacks he encounters because of his failing body, he is someone who relentlessly pursues his dreams and ambitions!

We, a group of friends very close to Bor, have dedicated ourselves to helping him achieve this. A Foundation that assists Bor in making his dreams come true!
We also want to help Bor spread his message around: ” You can still have a great and full life, participating in society like any other, although its important that as many people as possible hear about EB and what it means to suffer from it!”

The fact that EB is so rare and unknown often leads to bias and misunderstandings. The EBor Foundation, starring Bor on our main stage, is here to create a broader awareness on EB.

This is why we set ourselves a number of goals that are important to Bor’s well being. To realize these we urgently ask your support!