About us

Lisanne de Ronden

LisanneCycling to work, just taking a shower, going on holiday. For most these are just everyday things of life. But for Bor those things don’t come natural at all and sometimes, as it turns out, are impossible altogether.
Practical issues, but also pain and medical expenses often result in Bor having to skip certain activities.

I’ve met Bor over ten years ago and during the course of the years we became close friends. Especially when you get to know Bor, you can experience what an ambitious young man he is and how many ambitions he tries to fulfill. I would love to see Bor have the best of everything in the world, but we can start here today by closing the gap between what he wants and what we can realize! Support the EBor Foundation!

Sabina Dirks

SabinaWhen I met Bor back in 2003, we got along straight away. Shortly after we became best of friends and joined up to make Amsterdam’s night-life all the more lively! When we’re together, we usually share a good bottle of wine and discuss, philosophize, laugh and cry about life itself. But mostly its laughter!

When I heard about the idea of the Ebor Foundation I immediately signed up to be its secretary. Bor is someone who like to give to other people. Together with his other friends I’m going to get him what he deserves: a great and carefree life!

Martijn van Leeuwen

MartijnSometime around 1997, in the small and rural city of Eemnes, Bor and I met each other. Straight away we developed a rich and warm friendship and we’ve shared great, and somewhat ‘lesser great’ times together. Memories I will forever carry with me are our grand trip to Los Angeles, the parties we visited and evenings sharing our thoughts, with humor and ‘gezelligheid’ (having fun together, cheerful mood) always being the central pillar.

My answer to the question whether I wanted to join the board was quickly given and without hesitation. Because I want to contribute to a good quality of life, the ambitions and goals which make a person happy. Bor deserves it!